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Bayou Ice Boxes are NOT your ordinary coolers! Ordinary coolers will not take the punishment regular people dish out. Ordinary coolers are essentially a disposable cooler, cheaply made & easily broken. Even the more expensive ordinary coolers can't take the punishment our coolers can! Bayou Ice Boxes are extremely strong. They take the punishment and continue to do their job over and over again! Bayou Ice Boxes are durable & will keep your stuff cold for up to 10 days, much longer than any of those ordinary coolers. Check out some of the reasons why you should choose Bayou Ice Boxes for your next cooler.

Customer Testimonials

* I love my new Bayou Ice Box. I went on a fishing trip with Tom and we put several bags of ice in our cooler. We caught 12 bass over the course of several days and the ice was still there when we returned home! Paul S. (Mobile, AL)

* We have a 21' Boat and we had decided to get away on an extended weekend with the boat and our new Bayou Ice Box. We filled the cooler with ice and cans of our favorite soft drinks. We left on a Thursday afternoon. When we returned on Sunday, the ice was still there and the soft drinks were still very cold! I recommend Bayou Ice Boxes to everyone! Patty T. (Orlando, FL)

* Hi, I just wanted to let people know how pleased I am with my new Bayou Ice Box. Bob and I hunt. On this latest hunt we did quite well. We have 2 Bayou Ice Boxes. One for the meat from hunting and the other for our cold items. Needless to say, I was NOT disappointed with my Bayou Ice Box. Thanks for your great product Bayou Ice Boxes! Steve P. (Atlanta, GA)

* I work in construction and it is HOT outside during the day! I own a 37 Liter Family Series Cooler and I LOVE it! I can always depend on my lunch or cold drinks to be ice cold when it is time for lunch. Scott T. (Montgomery, AL)