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What is Bayou Ice Boxes?

A Bayou Ice Box is a super strong and durable cooler made with food grade polyethylene. It is injected with a thick wall of polyurethane foam to obtain maximum cooling for a very long time! Our latches and gaskets are made from a high grade heavy duty rubber. A cooler that is extremely strong and well insulated to meet all your needs for a very long time!

How Strong is a Bayou Ice Box?

A Bayou Ice Box is VERY strong. Its construction is a polyethylene "Food Grade" Polymer. The thick polyurethane foam insulator completes the structural strength of the cooler. The Bayou Ice Box has very strong rubber latches and seals. Through normal day to day activities it works great for a family or for commercial use. The Bayou Ice Boxes can stand the test of time!

How long will a Bayou Ice Box keep ice?

Ice retention will vary with use of the cooler. The type of ice you use, the number of times you open the box, keeping the box out of the direct sunlight, and acclimating the box before use, will affect the length of time that the cooler retains ice.

What is the best way to clean my cooler?

Regular soap and water will do just fine. However, if you have some bad stains or odors, then you might want to try a mild detergent. Mixing one part bleach to six parts water makes for a great cleaning solution.

What if I need a replacement part?

Few parts should be needed for your Bayou Ice Box. But when it does occur that you need a replacement part, please visit our Contact Us page or visit the Order Online page to place your order.

How do I purchase a Bayou Ice Box?

Please visit our Online Order page or call us at the number on our Contact Us page for a dealer nearest you.